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Will I ever see

you smiling back at me?

Hooked onto this song.


Want to escape to pulau ubin so badly now ): Supposed to be in bed/mugging right now but urghhhhh, my self control is horrible ): Am posting here although no one will probably see this cuz I didn't want to spam wordpress with so much rants :/ I NEED TO EXCERCISE SELF CONTROL.


my stomach is killing me. stupid cramps, go away.

how to do statutory reading mock test later sigh ): I hope it gets better later.


Yay I finally found this song after asking my mom about it XD So I remembered the lyrics wrongly the other time, no wonder I could not find it.

"Everyone said that I'm a chicken-chick. But I don't mind. I just want him to know that I like him."


I feel like an asshole now. After seeing the email ODAC sent saying that they are recruiting females, I actually went to ask about their training schedule and I think they really need people cuz even though I did not indicate that I want to join after receiving the training schedule they sent me an email for an informal interview when school reopens. But the problem now is that I'm already in photog and ec(which accepted me when I was CCA-less, so it would be rather ungrateful of me to join ODAC now). And then there's tennis trial which I practised for during the school holidays when school reopens. Grrrrr I'm so annoyed by myself and my inability to make proper decisions.

Should I just stick with photog and ec(and tennis if I get in) or join ODAC(and give up photog/tennis/ec)? -grumpy face-

P.S. the reason why I want to join ODAC so much is because it has been my dream to join a sports CCA, and I have been eyeing ODAC ever since I knew there was this CCA in SH.


Was looking for a song which I heard on the TV but instead I found this cute video.


HAPPY NEW YEAR(to the few souls reading this lol)!

Btw I just updated WORDPRESS :D

another of those days

where I feel like earth is not somewhere I belong. Maybe I belong on Mars or some unknown planet. God knows why I'm feeling this despair when I should have been used to planet earth by now.

I remember Onion telling me she wants to elope to another planet with me, wonder if she can still remember?


House currently undergoing makeover for the new year! Actually more of because the furniture are at least 10+ years old and my family feel that it's time to get new ones. The delivery man just came with the bunk bed hehe - my sis and I won't have to sleep on the ground tonight.

Anyway, speaking of changes, how adaptable to changes are you? For me, I think I'm highly not adaptable (sad truth) about changes. Like the transition from primary to secondary school, it was actually a horrible, painstaking process for me. And now I'm dreading JC because I fear the same will happen again. Yeah, I'd have known most people from my level by now. But who knows what the future will become? Life's never a guarantee, no?

Oh well, I guess I need to overcome my psychological barrier... which happens to be the hardest of all.