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moving off to funnythoughtswehave.wordpress.com with SH (:

Might come back here if there's anything too personal that I wanna post o_o but wordpress allows custom lock posts so it shouldn't be a problem.
Tmr- Shopping trip in M'sia
21-26 Dec- Work @ Raffles City (I'm gonna spend christmas working for the first time in my life)


Random stuff:
I'm gonna get a new bunk bed soon cuz the current one's falling apart. :o
I actually dislike shopping cuz I don't like spending money and I hate getting my legs ache.
I am stressed over the fact that I'm gonna be in Year 5 next year, hurray.
I wish I live in a 荒岛 cuz I'm antisocial.
I want to star gaze/jump into a quarry(this thing is called quarry jump) and basically go live in pulau ubin so that life can slow down a little.

-end of random stuff-

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let pictures do the saying

Marilyn Monroe's hair~

Marilyn Monroe(:

Marilyn Monroe again haha.


Blooming lotus in M'sia

In Batu Pahat 罗汉庙

Yup, been working at BHG as promoter(it's just a nicer name for salesgirl) and I told myself I'd never allow sales to become my permanent job in future cuz it's really boring. In the background's my GP package hehe. You can guess which topic I'm at, but no prize for correct answers.

Underneath your clothes,

there's an endless story~ (in the teoheng mood again -_-)

Doubt I'd post anything long/substantial for some time cuz there's really nothing much going on in my life. Besides trying to motivate myself to start on art hw/GP package and to work(yesterday+today+21-26 dec).

On a random note, I realized I've got many presents to prepare in December cuz there'are so many December babies I know o_o


  • Currently listening to chinese christmas songs and they are so cute I can't help getting high LOL
  • Visited SAM on Tuesday with Wan
  • Spent 6 hours exploring all the artwork
  • Hyung Koo Kang is my idol now(:
  • I love the way he paints the hair of Marilyn Monroe using aluminium on canvas(it's really veryvery nice)
  • I think I'd never have the courage to undress for the sake of art
  • No motivation to start on art homework/GP package
  • Watched Already Famous with my godparents and sis on wed
  • 有志者事竟成 is something I rediscovered from the movie
  • Went M'sia ytd to 拜拜
  • Pics+elaboration to be continued another time
  • Gotta go out to return library books+bowl (cuz my sis wants to) now

note to my non-existent readers:

My life is sadly boring. Hence, the little updates on LJ.

Miao Lin.

On a side note, I've gotten my choice of subject combi, that being HS AR CLL MA(H1) but the thought of JC still appears daunting to me. Besides, the poly(technic) monster has came to pester me about this question once again: "POLY OR JC?" Really feel like hitting my head hard if that could help in my decision making.

meet my childhood friends!

Spent the past few days packing and throwing away old toys/books/other useless things which my family kept for years just because we can't bear to discard them. Guess what I have found from all the packing? My childhood friends aka pikachu, minnie mouse, donald duck and others hahaha XD While we(my mom and I) decided to discard many of the toys away, or donate them to salvation army, I've decided to keep some of my childhood friends cuz well... I can't bear to part with them :/

The result of the packing since Tuesday: a really neat study table for my youngest sis but a messier table of mine because I found more stuff that I want to keep, like um, my report book for nursery school LOL. Oh and I actually kept my nursery exercise book in which read "My name is Neo Miao Lin" and "I am four years old." etc for 12+ years(!)

Anyway, amidst all the packing, I haven't been missing out on my dramas, both new and old XD Currently catching: Triumph in the Skies(冲上云霄), Threshold of a Persona(ID精英), Kampong Ties lol. Am waiting for Point of Entry 2 + Unriddle 2 to be aired!! Both on 8th december :D

picnic+touring singapore

Had a really failed picnic with nut, sotong, ninjas and queen bright and sunny this morning at Marina barrage. But because we were so smart to choose the day with some annoying carnival, the whole place was too noisy and we left soon after we realized that it's going to rain as well. Speaking of the rain, it's like a woman who pms tsk. Spent the rest of the afternoon touring the area and Marina Bay Sands like a tourist hahaha. I'm actually drained out from all the walking we did, which according to QJ, summed up to more than 5km :o Poor legs. Waiting for the rest to upload picx (x


NIce song by Hebe.

Nov. 25th, 2011

A hungry man is an angry man, so is an unwell man. Caught the flu bug (again) and I can feel my 火气 building up -.-

I wanna get well NOW because tomorrow's picnic day with the man girls ):

I think at the rate I'm going, I won't be getting into tennis.









反而是长大后的我们, 累积的知识多了,